Keep Me

My most recent album produced by my good friend Kevin Prosch. A cool quote about this CD: The prophetic sound creates a tunnel of worship that propels you to a deep place. Keep Me is a collection of songs written during different emotional experiences with the Lord. The song Keep Me is dedicated to my late father whose death was a result of the Persian Gulf War.

River Ablaze

My first album. It's a live recording from a band I was in called JUDAH. The band is no longer, but many of us still play together. We had lots of fun with this. It was recorded from one night of exciting and wild worship. It's raw and worth it.

A People Possessed

Don't let the title intimidate you. This is the second live album with JUDAH recorded in 2000. It is full of spontaneous music and it also includes my good friend Georgian Banov as a guest worship leader and artist.
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